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FTWD mid-season finale: BT Tower infected by zombies

If you’ve ever been to London or even seen footage of its skyline on TV, you would’ve seen the BT Tower standing tall and proud keeping watch over London. Unfortunately for … Continue reading

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Our 6 favourite TV shows this year

We’re just about nearing the end of May and it’s already been a great year for TV. So to take stock, here are our top 6 must-see shows of 2017 thus … Continue reading

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Oz Film Festival takes place 30th June – 2nd July

Although Cannes’ annual film festival has now come to an end, it’s only just the beginning of the season, with BFI still to come later in the season. Adding to … Continue reading

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First Look Trailer: Game of Thrones Season 7

As far as build-ups go, Game of Thrones has got it down to a T. It feels like an eternity since Game of Thrones Season 6 ended, yet there’s hardly … Continue reading

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Audible Debuts Immersive Audio-Exclusive Drama, Alien: River Of Pain

A couple of weeks ago, Sci-Fi Drama Queen and I were lucky enough to be part of a small group of people invited to the first-listen premiere of Audible’s Alien: … Continue reading

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New Film Alert: Dying Laughing hits cinemas 16th June

New documentary Dying Laughing is a candid look at the complicated and fascinating lives of some of the world’s greatest stand-up comedians. The film features stand-up comedy icons from across the globe, … Continue reading

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First Look Teaser: Netflix’s Gypsy

Netflix is getting gritty… In the ten-part psychological thriller Jean Halloway (Naomi Watts), a Manhattan therapist with a seemingly picturesque life, begins to develop intimate and illicit relationships with the … Continue reading

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Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson gets on board with Lintenair

City centre terminals, queue-free boarding, no baggage weight restrictions and mobile ticketing? You might have seen social media explode with rumours of the launch of the new airline. But is … Continue reading

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It Takes 51 DAYS to Break a Bad Habit, New Research Reveals

At Indelible Pieces we’re all too familiar with trying to break through those pesky bad habits of ours and according new research it takes 13 minutes of a film, 21 … Continue reading

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Official Trailer: Orange is the New Black returning globally 9th June

After another long year of anticipation, it’s almost here… so to keep audiences engaged and to drum up that much-needed buzz around the new season for Orange Is The New Black, premiering … Continue reading

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KISS gets tribute masks

The band KISS, who played in Helsinki on May 4th, visited the gigantic “men of rock” statues in the Central railway station. The gigantic rock statues, in front of the … Continue reading

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First Look Trailer: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

It’s time to Face your Fear with the upcoming season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. As the release date comes closer and closer, the guys over at AMC have … Continue reading

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First Look Images: Netflix Original’s Gypsy

Netflix is on fine form at the moment and it’s hard to run out of good content between 13 Reasons Why (it’s a must watch!), Riverdale and Designated Survivor (one … Continue reading

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