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The Death Cure (2011)


The Death Cure is the last book in James Dashner’s The Maze Runner Trilogy. Once again the surviving Gladers find themselves not only thinking but having been promised safety and an end to the experiments many of them have been enduring for over two years.However, once again, they find themselves mistaken and challenged to trust their instincts when it comes to who to trust and who not to trust. The third instalment continues where the second ends and although they remain sceptical about what WICKED promises them, they are all relieved. This relief doesn’t last for long, however, as Thomas finds himself locked in a white room with no comforts and worst of all, without any of his friends.

Thomas continues to fight by ensuring he keeps up his physique as best he can and his brain in tact to overthrow the next challenge coming his way. Once freed from isolation, but plagued by visions and memories, the Gladers have the choice to get back their full memories or to lose them forever. Yet much to the disappointment of the rat man, too many, including Thomas, make the choice no one would’ve expected them to make. Yet it’s not only their memories that provide a challenge, but what’s illusion, what is real and most importantly who’s on their side.

Following the torment of the second trial, Teresa remains in the dog house, despite her persistence she did what she had to for all of them to be safe. Mistrusted, she has no choice to follow her own instincts, even if that means trusting WICKED and what it has in store for them.

The final book in the series sees all of them challenged for the last time and although promised a cure, they soon realise that it might just be too late for them all and for humanity. Fighting to survive they all find themselves having to make decisions that could see them succeed or fail so miserably that the human population soon finds its end.

If you’ve made it to the third novel, you’ll most likely see it through to the end. Although it’s still a mystery what WICKED’s real plans are, the last book has certainly lost the excitement the first and even the second  novel had. Unfortunately the last is all too similar to the first two and thus loses some of its appeal. The story continues to develop and it does have a solid end, but aside from providing an end for the series James Dashner would have been better off cutting the series short after the second novel.


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