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TV Review: The Following Season 2 (Episode 7)


Alongside Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, The Following is one of my favourite TV shows currently on air and has been for a while. For those of you who don’t watch it or don’t know the show full stop here’s a quick recap:

The Following is a crime/thriller TV show that essentially follows two main characters: Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon). Joe is a serial killer and Ryan is a FBI agent. However, unlike other serial killers, Joe happens to be the leader of a cult, demanding the attention of numerous killers across the States, making him lethal. So when Joe escapes from death row after having been put behind bars by none other but Ryan Hardy, the FBI calls on him to put Joe back where he belongs. However, what the FBI didn’t know is that in the nine years Joe was locked up in a cell, he managed to accumulate quite the following of other like-minded individuals. 

Despite his very obvious and dangerous personality traits, Joe is also a very likeable character. He’s got a presence, he’s very charming and he does have some morals/standards. He won’t just kill anyone and usually selects his victims carefully, because he relishes the moment a person dies and sees this as a ‘gift’, but also a very personal experience. So when he escapes, it’s all the more shocking that he’s succeeded in passing this on to some who had never even killed before. From then on, Ryan Hardy become vital to catching him, not only because he has done so once, but because he is one if the few people who understands Joe – although this doesn’t make it any easier for his colleagues to deal with Ryan’s ‘way’ of doing things.

The rest of the first series is a cat and mouse game between Ryan and Joe, with Joe becoming increasingly fascinated by Ryan  and starts making Ryan part of his game plan – something that is supposed to become the basis for a new book Joe is working on. The series ends (stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet) with a cliff hanger that sees Joe blown up.


The second series naturally opens to a lot of questions, especially with the main character having been killed off. However, not to worry as Kevin Williamson, who also produces the Vampire Diaries, has found a way to make it even more screwed up. If you’ve started watching the second series, you would have been introduced to the twins (played by Sam Underwood) and the rest of the family of killers by now. Although it’s still unclear as to what their plan is, Joe Carroll is a big part of it, but he does not like to be used or worse, played.

In this latest episode, Ryan continues on his path to self-destruction by Joe Carroll obsession and continues to drag those around him down with him, including his former fellow agent Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) and his niece, NYPD Detective Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup). Although Mike briefly quit following his most recent outburst in episode 6 – and just in time – Max is not so lucky and ends up in the wrong hands – those of Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen) and her comrades and so does Mike’s dad, but only one of them makes it back alive.

If you’re still looking for a great new show to start watching, I’d highly recommend the Following, on at 10pm on Tuesdays on Sky Atlantic. For the trailer, check out 


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