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TV Review: Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected

While scrolling through Netflix, I recently came across the show Life Unexpected. Created by Liz Tigelaar, Life Unexpected follows the story of 16 year-old Lux (Britt Robertson) who had spent her whole life thus far in the foster care system. Wanting to get emancipated, Lux tracks down her real parents Nathaniel Bazile, mostly referred to as ‘Baze’ (played by Kristoffer Polaha) and Cate Cassidy (Shiri Appleby) to get their signatures. Unaware Lux even existed, bar owner Baze gets in touch with celeb radio show host Cate Cassidy to help Lux get the signatures she needs.

When the judge rejects Lux’s plea for emancipation, she’s unexpectedly placed into temporary joint-custody of Baze and Cate. Struggling to come to terms with having a daughter, the series continues to unravel the rather complex lives of Cate, Baze, Lux, Cate’s boyfriend/fiancée Ryan (Kerr Smith) as well as their families and close friends. Lux is a down-to-earth girl with a tendency to bail when things don’t quite go her way, whereas Baze has so far failed to grow up, living a bachelor life above his bar with his two friends, and Cate has ongoing commitment issues, mostly thanks to her own parents. Also thrown into the mix are short-tempered Bug, Lux’s boyfriend and her best friend from foster care, Natasha, mostly known as Tash.

The show continues to follow the ups and downs of having a teenage daughter who’s been in foster care, including underage drinking, wider family drama, visits to the police station, making friends at school and of course ‘the Winter Formal’.

Although it’s not the best written show and often fairly predictable, the characters are interesting, it’s easy to watch, and thanks to it being on Netflix, it’s some good entertainment, especially when wanting to watch something on the go.

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