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Film Review: Plastic – British Crime-Comedy

Plastic the Movie

Today I was lucky enough to get invited to the world premiere of British comedy-thriller, Plastic.

Directed by Julian Gilbey, Plastic tells the story of low-level credit fraudster, Sam, played by Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey), who gets himself and his crew, consisting of Yatesy (Alfie Allen, best known for his role in Game of Thrones), Fordy, played by Will Poulter (We’re the Millers) and Rafa, played be Sebastian de Souza (The Borgias) indebted to crime boss, Marcel. Marcel quickly realises how easily they can make money and demands £2 million from them in 14 days.

Plastic World Premiere

Scared to fail and of the consequences this may bring, Sam enlists the help of Frankie, played by Emma Rigby, who conveniently works for a credit card company and has access to credit cards and credit history of some big international spenders. Planning their biggest heists yet, the crew flies to Miami to make the money needed to pay off Marcel. However, thanks to some late night drinking paired with some arrogance on Yatesy’s part, the end up losing their biggest credit card, which leads them to an even bigger and even more risky challenge.

All of the different characters are brilliantly acted. Ed Speelers does a fantastic job playing a brazen, yet incredibly smart fraudster, complemented by Alfie Allen’s character who adds the risk factor the everything they do. The movie keeps you guessing on what will happen next, all while you’re rooting for the fraudsters to succeed. It also got a fair few laughs from the audience, thanks to a solid script, without it being too ‘try-hard’. All around I was entertained the whole way through and would definitely recommend giving this a watch.

Plastic cast

It was also good to see the majority of the cast in attendance.

Here’s the official trailer:

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