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Review: Flowers in the Attic (2014)

Directed by Deborah Chow, the 2014 version of Flowers in the Attic is based on the 1979 novel written by V. C. Andrews, starring Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka, Mason Dye, Ava Telek and Maxwell Kovach. The TV film version follows Corinne and her four children, Chris (Mason), Cathy (Kiernan) and 5-year-old twins Cory (Maxwell) and Carrie (Ava) as they try to survive following their father’s death. Penniless and about to be homeless, Corinne takes her children to their grandmother’s house to try to earn back her inheritance that would see her be one of the richest women in the area. However, with the discovery the family could soon be swimming in money comes the truth about their backgrounds and the reason why Corinne was written out of her dad’s will in the first place.

[Spoiler Alert]

Upon learning about the grandmother and grandfather the children never knew existed, they also find out why their grandmother is anything but fond of them. The children were conceived out of incest and their dad is in fact their mother’s half uncle. Naturally frowned upon, Corinne’s dad must never know she had children with her father’s half brother. When the family moves into their grandparents’ house, they find out that from now on the will be locked away in the attic where they will never come across their granddad or any of the maids. Corinne promises them she will get back into her father’s good graces and will soon introduce her children to him, though the day never comes.

Growing tired of being locked away and increasingly scared of their cruel grandmother who sees them as born evil, Cathy and Chris make a copy of the key that keeps them locked away and use it to roam the house when no one is watching. With this, they soon discover that their mother has long forgotten about them and has moved on with her life. The rest if the first instalment follows the kids as they try to figure out how to escape their fate in the attic as they discover what their mother has really been up to while they’ve been locked away.

I haven’t seen the 1987 version of the film, but if the critics are to be believed, it wasn’t a very good one. This new instalment is entertaining and Kiernan and Mason both do well in playing their characters as they not only come to terms with their new lives, but also growing up in a confined space and learning about what’s right and wrong in their own way. You can’t help but start to dislike the mother who’s left her young children to fight for themselves while she herself is living the carefree life and at the same time wonder if the children will follow in their mother’s incestuous footsteps, much to the credit of the cast. With the sequel Petals on the Wind screening tonight, it’ll be interesting to see if it will match the first film’s rating and public’s interest. I am most certainly looking forward to seeing what happens to Cathy, Chris and Carrie and if you haven’t seen the first film yet, you might want to save it to watch the two together.


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