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App Review: Secret

Secret App

The latest social media craze to take the world by storm is messaging app Secret. Just as the name suggests, the app allows you to speak your mind freely and secretly without anyone ever knowing you’re the one who sent it. The app is utterly addictive and in addition to showing secrets nearby (sometimes as close as <100m) it tells you if it's a friend or a friend of a friend who shared the secret, but you'll never know who. Secret only shares your friends' secrets with you if you have at least five friends as not to reveal the true identity of the poster. Obviously if it's something very apparent, it wouldn't be hard to figure out either.

In addition to sharing your friends' secrets, it also shows you secrets from people around the world and the more you or your friends like certain secrets, the more they travel around the world, allowing you to 'love' and 'comment' on the secrets shared. You can change the background of your message to make it more personal or to bring across the context of the secret shared. As people can comment on your secrets, they can of course agree or disagree with it, which can make for some pretty interesting reading.

It's incredibly addictive and I've certainly sat refreshing it multiple times in an hour before. The secrets can be anything from incredibly personal to funny, rude or even rather gross and it's fair to say that the secrets shared certainly change on a Friday evening… The app has just become available on Android and has been opened up globally, which means you sometimes get secrets in other languages, though not that many. It's also interesting to see what some people classify as a secret and over the last few days someone called 'Tim from Lewisham' has somehow become a Secret celebrity thanks to one of his messages.

Some of the secrets floating around the app are "Everyone thinks that I like the Starks, but I don't. House Lannister all the way." and "I added some stale doughnuts to some fresh ones and watched while my colleagues tucked in." as well as a number of rather rude ones I better leave for you to read yourselves.

Admittedly there aren't always the best 'secrets' on there, but it is compelling reading all the same, so give it a go and let me know what you think.


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