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The Brett Domino Trio tribute ahead of Mario Kart 8 release (video)

The Brett Domino Trio

Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Mario Kart 8, YouTube sensation, The Brett Domino Trio, have created their own tribute to the launch, inspired by the infamous Blue Shell.

With millions having experienced their own Blue Shell Blues, it’s all too fitting to talk about how the Blue Shell likes to take away your win when you’re oh so close to the finish line. And all because one evil person couldn’t allow you a happy ending.

If you’re looking for your own Nintendo glory, you can even upload your own #blueshelled videos or moments.

It’s a very catchy tune, so be prepared to have it in your head for the rest of the day:

Mario Kart 8 has had some smashing reviews so far, so if you’re looking to get hold of your own copy, be sure to remember you can also get a Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition software bundle, which comes complete with a Spiny Shell Collector’s Item alongside a physical copy of the game.

The game promises some great new HD graphics, a live orchestrated soundtrack, and even a new antigravity course mechanic that allows competitors to race up walls and along ceilings, so it should set you up for some entertaining battles this weekend. And remember, don’t let the Blue Shell get you…
Mario Kart 8


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