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TV Review: The Killing Seasons 1 & 2

The Killing

American hit show, The Killing, developed by Veena Sud, is an adaptation of a Danish-TV crime drama of the same name, centred around homicide detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and new sidekick Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). When Sarah is assigned to the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen (Katie Findlay) on her last day, she quickly develops an intense obsession with solving the case. As evidence slowly turns up, Linden finds it more and more difficult to visualise her plan of retiring to California with her fiancé (and former psychologist) and dragging her son along with her. The series quickly demonstrates how interlinked solving the case and Linden’s family situation are, seemingly placing her son second to the murdered girl.

On top of Linden’s own problems, the Larsen family plays a big part in the series, as the detectives slowly uncover how troubled the family really is and how unaware they were of where Rosie was in her life when she disappeared. The plot starts to get more and more complicated when politician Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) and his campaign appear to be linked to Rosie Larsen and her last few months alive.


Although I thought the first episode was great, I didn’t think it was brilliant, because I felt it was too predictable. But I was so wrong. The more you watch, the more you feel yourself becoming part of the series, desperately trying to work out who did it. And that’s pretty hard. As soon as Linden and Holder uncover more secrets, you start trying to work out who it is, but it’s almost impossible. Every new piece of evidence seems to be leading the pair in a different direction, leaving destruction in its wake.

The series is utterly brilliant and Linden and Holder play their roles perfectly. Not all that likeable, both still manage to capture attention and you can’t help but side with them – even if they’re wrong. The first season continues into the second and even if you think it wouldn’t be possible to make this even more complicated – they can – and that it might get boring – it doesn’t.

Despite being so different, Holder and Linden work incredibly well together and don’t mind having full-blown arguments if necessary, because when it comes to it, they still have each other’s back. They also don’t shy away from questioning senior politicians and sometimes getting on the wrong side of them.

With Season 4 just having been released on Netflix, if you haven’t seen the series, make sure you add it to your watch list. It’s dreary, compelling and simply brilliant.

For a taste, take a look at the trailer:


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