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TV Review: The Killing Seasons 3 & 4


Netflix has just released the final season (Season 4) of American hit show, The Killing, and it’s a good one. Developed by Veena Sud and following on from Season 3’s case of the missing street children it’s the one that gives the show some closure. The Killing is an adaptation of a Danish-TV crime drama of the same name, centred around homicide detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and sidekick Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). Holder and Linden first worked together on the Larsen case, looking for the murderer of schoolgirl Rosie Larsen, who got drowned in the back of a campaign car. Linden was meant to be moving to California to be with her fiancé when she got assigned the case on her last day and couldn’t let go, leading her to stay in Seattle.

The case led to serious implications due to its links to politician Darren Richmond’s (Billy Campbell) campaign and still plays a role in seasons 3 and 4.

Of course sequel seasons are rarely as good as the pilot and The Killing isn’t all that different. But although it lacks the fast pace and novelty of the first season, the storyline debuted in the 3rd and continued in the 4th is what you’d want it to be: impossible to predict, compelling and credible.

The 3rd season centres around multiple young women/teenagers who lived on the streets of Seattle and have gone missing over a number of years. Although Linden was no longer working for the police at the time, she was the one who found the missing girls in a nearby lake, connected to a murder case she worked on years before with former partner and lover James Skinner (Elias Koteas). The season follows a similar spider web of suspects and connections, once again getting under Linden’s skin, but also getting Holder to lose his temper.


The season was slow at times and not quite as thrilling as the previous seasons. Although surprising, it was a little less shocking than the Rosie Larsen murder and lacked the grip the previous seasons had on you. With season 4 focusing on a completely new case, it was good that the previous season still played a role and was a side story, giving this a little more all-around context, which other crime series often lack.

The final season, however, managed to once again capture you and re-introduced the fast pace and the shocking elements. Again, the show really captures and shows the depths of the characters on a more psychological level.

With only six episodes, the final season was much shorter than previous ones, but in this case it helped the show. You still got to grips with the characters, but there was a little more action that season 3 and 4 potentially lacked. I really enjoyed the ending, as it not only closed the case but also wrapped up the entire show and even used one of the characters from the first season as a continuous thread – something that you don’t always get. I’d highly recommend giving this a go, but be prepared that it’s one of those you’d want to watch in one go.


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