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App Review: Scanner App for iPhone


Admittedly, this is not the kind of app I’d normally review, but considering how it’s taken away the hassle of taking photos of a document only to awkwardly have to crop it/change brightness or use an old school scanner, usually involving having to find the relevant cables to plug it in, I thought this was worth writing about. I’ve had the Scanner App for a few months and it’s definitely changed things for the better. It’s super simple to use and does the trick – it scans your document.

Scanner App scan

All you do is take a photo from within the app, use the cropping tool that comes up to highlight the area you want it to scan and then select your colour – original, black & white or colour. It then proceeds to save this in your scans folder. You can choose to share the image via a range of different applications or save it to your images. You can also select multiple images to share, which is great when you have a number of pages as part of the one document. It lets you save up to 20 scans and then you can either choose a pro version or delete previous scans. I’ve not had to use the pro version and I’m sure it’s got some great additional feature, but what more do you really need?

Scanner App signThe scans look the same as when you use a proper scan, so if you only have to scan documents every now and again, this is definitely worth it. Available for download for iPhone and iPad.


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