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Book Review: What the **** is normal

What-the-xxxx-is-normal_Francesca Martinez

Francesca Martinez’s What the **** is normal is a biography about living with cerebral palsy. Except it isn’t. Recommended to me by a friend as a more light-hearted read, I didn’t know much about the book itself (apart from the summary on the back) when I began reading it. Yet, just a few pages in, I was hooked. Not knowing much about comedians, I wasn’t familiar with Francesca Martinez and in fact I thought she was a regular author that I simply hadn’t come across. It turns out she’s rather well-known and pretty damn funny too.

What the **** is normal sheds a light on cerebral palsy and living in a world obsessed with being ‘normal’. But far from being a book moaning about how hard life is, Martinez celebrates people’s differences and the fact she was perfectly happy until she started high school, blissfully unaware of how appearance-wise, she may look a little more ‘wobbly’ than the average person.

It’s incredibly funny, moving and most importantly it puts things into perspective. Very rightly so, Martinez highlights that there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, because every person is simply different. Admittedly, Martinez had a difficult time as a teenager thanks to her bullying classmates and it took her some time to recover, but once she had, she managed to turn things upside down. She recognised that she herself had the power to stop judging herself and be happy and from that point onwards things just got better. She found her truly calling as a comedian and didn’t let any obstacles stop her from doing what she really wanted to.

Despite not wanting to be seen as an inspiration, she sure does have the ability. Having the backing from some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Russell Brand, Steve Coogan and Jonathan Ross, Martinez is definitely someone to look out for.

What the **** is normal is a far cry from your average biography and definitely one I’d recommend reading.

So if you’re looking for a new read, the book is retailing for £12.99 (hardback).


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