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News: British Museum rolls out augmented reality games

British Museum

The British Museum has just launched a new app that sees its artefacts come to life with the help of a new AR app. The technology, developed by technology firm Gamar, triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences that are played through smartphones and tablets and are set to make the museum experience more engaging and interactive.

The software has been developed to enhance the museum-going experience by ‘gamifying’ the learning experience, making it particularly interested to younger museum-goers. The technology allows visitors to superimpose graphics over what they see through the lens of their device so youngsters not only learn about the stories and history behind exhibits, but are also challenged with problem solving games.

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital Media and Publishing at the British Museum, said: “Apps like those produced by Gamar allow a different kind of learning experience whilst remaining rooted in the power of objects to inspire and engage audiences.”

British Museum_Gamar_partnership

Visitors to the Parthenon Sculptures gallery in the British Museum will be able to play the ‘A Gift for Athena’ game which enables visitors to explore the history and story of exhibits through interactive games. The app can also be used by primary schools and family visitors to the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre on site.

Venu Tammabatula, founder of Gamar said: “Traditional augmented reality software has limitations when it comes to mapping 3D objects and environments. Real world object and environment triggers are often just photos that must be viewed and scanned by the player from a single perspective. Our technology maps real world environments as data, from all angles, enabling us to create and superimpose digital experiences that are natural and that interact with their surroundings.”

The technology was piloted in the V&A Sackler Centre earlier this year, to coincide with the V&A and Qatar Museums Authority Pearls exhibition, and met with overwhelming success, with over 2,000 visitors playing the game in just one week.


2 comments on “News: British Museum rolls out augmented reality games

  1. GreyB
    August 22, 2014

    This is great. AR is going to be utilized everywhere in near future. You can have a look at Samsung’s work on it. –

  2. Brian
    August 23, 2014

    Brilliant. I saw this on BBC1 News and played it on my iPad in the museum. Tech was totally invisible – which I liked as I was enjoying the stories and games.

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