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Book Review: The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons

The Murder Bag

The Murder Bag is the first novel in a new crime series by Tony Parsons, best-selling author of Man and Boy. The book revolves around seven rich, privileged students, who became friends at their exclusive private school, Potter’s Field. Twenty years later they started being killed off with very little connecting their grown up lives.

Max Wolfe is the detective handling the case, having recently been transferred to the Homicide division of London’s West End Central, 27 Savile Row. Still finding his feet, but determined to catch the killer, he’s soon following leads from the city to Potter’s Field and back and tracking down the man behind vicious claims made on the internet. Throughout all of this, he also doesn’t mind putting himself in danger or living with the consequences that ensue.

This is the first Tony Parsons novel I’ve read, but it’s a good one. The story is easy to follow and although you know the secret that binds these seven together very early on, figuring out who the killer is, is a little more difficult. Max Wolfe comes across as very sure of himself, if at times a little hasty and without foresight that can see him getting into numerous tricky situations. Admittedly, I found his personal circumstances a little confusing, but you soon figure out what they are, even if it would’ve been better to have known this a little earlier on in the book.

Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the book. The storyline was interesting, the characters strong and the ending surprising. It’s a great read and I loved his writing style, so I’ll now be looking to read some of his other novels.

The Murder Bag is published by Cornerstone Publishing and available as e-book, paperback or hardback from £4.99.



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