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Out and About: Saskatchewan exhibition

Heather Benning - The Dollhouse Dusk #1Last week the Creative Saskatchewan came to London to present its exhibition ‘Saskatchewan’ at the Blackall Studios in Shoreditch and I had the opportunity to take a look.

Creative Saskatchewan was established in July 2013, designed to promote creative work of the people of Saskatchewan, a prairie province in Canada, with the aim to stimulate the creative industry of the province.

The ‘Saskatchewan’ art installation was curated by artist and educator, Adrian Stimson, to celebrate the history, power and diversity of Saskatchewan’s artistic community, something that could easily be seen in the exhibition. The Canadian province is known for its grand sweeping landscapes and the long, flowing river from which the province takes its name, something that was translated beautifully into the pieces.

Clint Neufeld - Engine on Chair

The exhibition featured the work of artists from the Métis,and European peoples of Canada, with pieces ranging from paintings, photography, sculpture and ceramics through to wood works. 
The 27 artists whose pieces were displayed, were all directly informed and inspired by the unique and majestic history and character of their home province.

David Garneau - ArcThe landscapes of Lorna Russell, Michel Boutin, Darrell Bell and Clint Hunker showed the colour, vibrancy and light on the Saskatchewanian prairies, whilst the stone carvings of Lyndon Tootoosis and Darren Gowan, brought the artistic traditions rooted in aboriginal Canadian art to life.

Personally, I was particularly taken by Leah Dorion’s work, because of its vibrant use of colour and traditional techniques, something that doesn’t quite come across in the picture (featured below).

Leah Dorion - Dancing Women

While the installation has now left the capital, it has travelled to Spain, where it will open at Sala Rekalde, Bilbao from October 29-November 1, as well as participating in various BIME activities.


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