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Review: The Newsroom


I’d highly anticipated the return of The Newsroom, in fact I regularly checked for updates on the new season premiere ever since the last season finished. I still remember having missed the start of it only to spend a significant amount of time catching up on all the previous episodes on my friend’s TiVo. In a nutshell, The Newsroom (created by Aaron Sorkin) centers around a group of journalists putting together the news for the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN). It’s a behind-the-scenes look at journalists investigating a well as stumbling across news and the development of the news programme, including what they can and cannot air. The cast includes anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), his executive producer MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer), newsroom staff Jim Harper (John Gallagher, Jr.), financial and economics editor, Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn), Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill), tech genius, Neal Sampat (Dev Patel), Don Keefer (Thomas Sadoski) and the head of Atlantis Cable News (ACN), Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston).

There are a few reasons why I think The Newsroom is one of the best TV shows out there now, starting with the show’s take on current affairs. The show uses real-life current affairs, including various elections, the shooting of Bin Laden and most recently the Boston Marathon bombings  and then tells the story from a news room perspective. This includes debates about what can be aired from a legal standpoint, who should be invited on-air to give a balanced view and which sources can be trusted.

This takes me to my second point. The similarities between an actual news room. You often get the exaggerated view of what professions are really like, but the Newsroom has a lot of truth to it. I had a stint working for a news show airing on RTL a few years back and I certainly recognise the adrenaline, speed as well as the fine line between airing something you think the public is entitled to and not airing something because of its legal implications. Of course this was nothing compared to the stories on the Newsroom or the added drama, but it certainly has very real elements to it.

Newsroom Olivia Munn

Another reason I think the show is brilliant is because of the characters. To be honest I like all of the characters, their own relationships, spider webs etc. but there are some definite favourites (of course!). One of those is Will McAvoy. Will’s character has changed dramatically from season 1 to season 3. In the beginning he wasn’t very likeable at all. He thought he was better than everyone else and could do anything or treat anyone the way he wanted. This is no longer the case and part of the reason is his dynamic with executive producer (and now fiancee) MacKenzie McHale. They often have hilarious exchanges and they’re not afraid to argue their points. Will’s now become the dad of the cast in a way, happily taking the blame to save his crew. I also love Sloan Sabbith, who’s often a tad ditzy, nerdy and very stubborn, but that makes her all the more interesting. She often lacks tact, but she doesn’t mean any harm, it’s just her way, which again can make for some interesting situations.

TheNewsroom_McAvoyThis latest season (and unfortunately also the last) is only two episodes in, so it’s hard to tell how it’ll develop, but what I can say is when I watched the first episode, I knew I’d forgotten how truly brilliant the show is. What’s more,  Neal Sampat (Dev Patel), seems to be taking a greater role, which I think is brilliant. He’s has to prove himself a lot over the last couple of seasons, so it’s great he’s starting to be taken more seriously.



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