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News: Cable car transformed into luxury hotel room

Okay this landed in my inbox this week and I have to say it’s pretty cool.


A cable car suspended 2,700 metres above Courchevel in France is to be transformed into the world’s most breathtaking hotel room.


The Saulire cable car will become luxury accommodation for one night only as part of a competition set up by Courchevel Tourism and Airbnb.  After climbing the ski runs by snowmobile, four people will be greeted with traditional mulled wine at the Saulire Summit on March 6.

They are then served a typical savoyard dinner of cheese fondue before spending the night in the cable car.


After spending the night in the one-off cabin, they will be the first people to ski the following morning.

James McClure, general manager UK & Ireland at Airbnb, added: “Travellers who choose Airbnb are looking for experiences rather than simply a place to stay.

“This night in a majestic and unexpected setting joins thousands of ski-friendly listings around the world and will remain in the four winners’ memories forever.”


Well done AirBnB, I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a night here.


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