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Infographic: The Patience Test

I’ve always been told that patience is a virtue and it’s certainly not one I’ve ever possessed – even before I moved to London. Now, according to a study by parcel & postage comparison website, the limits of British patience has been revealed. Though dare I say, it’s not just British patience that has its limits.

The average Brit loses patience after five minutes waiting to be served at a bar, 13 minutes waiting for a delayed train and 18 minutes for a friend to call us back and we ‘draw the line’ at waiting more than a year and three quarters for a pay rise, will sit in traffic for 13 minutes before getting angry and expect a web page to load in under ten seconds.

A neat little infographic is below:


And here’s an even longer list:

Waiting for a web page or link to load – 10 seconds
Waiting for a video to buffer – 16 seconds
Waiting for a drink at a bar – 5 minutes
Phoning a utility or large company – 8 minutes
Queuing for train tickets – 9 minutes
Being kept on hold for doctors – 9 minutes
Queuing to post a letter- 10 minutes
Putting up with a screaming child in a restaurant – 10 minutes
Delayed train – 13 minutes
Sitting still in traffic – 13 minutes
Waiting for a bus – 13 minutes
Buying music tickets online – 17 minutes
Date running late – 17 minutes
Friend says they’ll call you right back – 18 minutes
Waiting for food at a restaurant – 24 minutes
Friend to text back – 18 hours
Hearing from someone after a date – 2 days
Waiting for a parcel to be delivered – 4.5 days
Working without a pay rise – 1 ¾ years

While testing this with the British public looks like this:

Kudos to them, as I most certainly would’ve walked away. In fact having to wait 5 mins for my soup at Pret today, certainly pushed my limits.


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