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Book Review: Galleries, Palaces & Tea

CURLL PRESS - Galleries, Palaces & Tea

I’m not normally a fan of guide books, because I find that they rarely show you the “real” city, but instead the top ten list of attractions every other tourist goes to. When I’m about to explore a new place, I tend to just start to walk. Sometimes I have an end goal of where I’d like to end up, but more often than not, I just walk and see where my feet takes me. This has served me well in the past and I’ve come across numerous cool, interesting and hidden places I would never have found with a guide book. The only downside is that once I come across those hidden gems, it’s not always that easy to find out about the history or what exactly makes this place so remarkable. Sure, Google is always a good place to start, but when you don’t have 3G or a Wi-Fi connection then it becomes all the more difficult.

A few weeks ago, the guys over at London-based, independent publishing house, Currl Press, sent me one of their original books about cities and metropolitan life, called Galleries, Palaces & Tea: An Illustrated Guide To London. And this one is quite different to your average guide book. I’ve been in London for nearly a decade now, but this book is bursting with fun facts perfect to impress your friends with.

Galleries, Palaces & Tea will lead you to uncover hidden gems and intriguing locations, ones that even the canniest Londoner or seasoned traveller may have no knowledge of.  These include: the best way to steal a chimpanzee from Harrods, how the Gherkin came to be Gherkin-shaped, and the hidden visitors from Planet Spud. The text is complemented by a series of specifically created illustrations and detailed maps.

So if you’re looking to discover all there is to know about London that you never knew before or planning your first ever trip, Galleries, Palaces & Tea is sure to provide you with some great insights. I mean, did you know that the triangle in front of the Met building between Victoria Street and Broadway with ‘New Scotland Yard’ written on it rotates 14,000 times a day or that the last horse-drawn cab came off the road in 1947? Exactly.

Galleries, Palaces & Tea: An Illustrated Guide To London (RRP £9.99, paperback exclusively) is available from online retailers including and and can be ordered from all good bookstores.


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