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Lipton Ice Tea releases Short Films to celebrate its Summer Stories

Last night I was invited to a preview of Lipton Ice Tea’s “Summer Stories”, four unique short films designed to inspire people to “Be More Tea”. Created in collaboration with global filmmaking community, MOFILMS, Lipton Ice Tea and MOFILMS challenged  young directors to create a short film telling the story of someone inspired to live life to the full. The resulting films, including A Little Self Help, which stars Hollywood actress Julianne Hough, will now be the centerpiece of Lipton Ice Tea’s global Summer Stories campaign.

I have to say I loved watching the short films created. With brand sponsored content there’s often too much branding that then becomes obtrusive, ruining the experience. Fortunately, this time, the branding was much more subtle with the majority of the short films giving more of a nod to Lipton rather than a full-blown product stage. I also liked the whole set-up at the event because it felt like a bit of an oasis in a way and brought to life the whole idea behind it.IMG_4463

Oh and they had some amazing treats too (I’m hoping to get the recipes!).

The short films come off the back of new research from Lipton Ice Tea revealing that 83% of people across the globe are open to experiencing new things, and yet many find it hard to take their eyes off their mobile phone or deviate from their daily routine. But it’s on a Saturday afternoon in July when people are most open to being spontaneous and more open to the people and world around them.

Now I don’t know what would make a Saturday afternoon in July any more special, but I suppose it’s when the weather is *hopefully* nicer and summer usually makes you want to experience more. But on the whole I do agree. I love going out and meeting new people and trying out new things, but when you’re working so much, sometimes even trying to meet up with someone you haven’t seen in a while can feel like a lot more effort than it should be.

The Summer Stories research spoke to more than 2,000 people aged 18+ from seven markets and found that, instead of the usual grumbles about Monday morning, it’s actually Tuesday lunchtime where people feel least open and ready to experience new things.

83% of those surveyed admit to forgetting to “make the most of the moment”, even though the same proportion realise the importance to do so. However people are trying to counter this, with over half of people thinking it is easy to break from daily routine. It is people from Mexico, Central America and USA who appear to be the least affected by daily routine (less than 4 in 10).

IMG_4457I spoke to Louize Khan, Global Brand Director at Lipton at the event and she mentioned that the brief to the filmmakers was quite simple. The short films had to “be real people’s stories” and they had to give people the desire to “be more open to opportunities”. When asked about the rationale behind “Be More Tea” she said: “People go on auto- pilot, trying harder and harder and becoming busier and busier, and in doing so they cut themselves off from the world around them.”

Be More Tea is supposed to be “a playful way of life that means breaking away from the normal routine to live in each moment, no matter how unexpected”.

The four films are titled Comet, Walkabout, A Little Self Help, and Wanderlust. Personally, I liked Walkabout the best because I felt the most inspired by it and thought that it really was beautifully shot and quite subtle.

I also liked the other ones with both Wanderlust and Comet being in a similar, emotional style, but Walkabout was definitely my favourite.

They are all really short, so do take a look and I’d love to hear which one’s your favourite and why…


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