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Secret Cinema: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back


On Thursday evening I got to go to Secret Cinema’s highly anticipated Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back production. With Star Wars: VII – The Force Awakens expected to be released in December this year, it is the perfect year to create an experience around the popular movie franchise and what an experience it was.

From the beginning, the actors were in character and as soon as you arrive at the secret location you become part of the Rebel Alliance and are catapulted into a galaxy far, far away, with its own space opera. I’d never been to a Secret Cinema production before and didn’t know all that much about it, but wow have I missed out. Of course it’s hard to say what previous productions were like without having actually experienced them, but from what I’ve heard they were all really good. Yet something tells me that this production is the best one yet and according to Secret Cinema, definitely the largest one.

Al Overdrive

Without giving too much away, the whole evening is an experience. It really is as if you’ve just stepped onto one of the star cruisers or into one of Star Wars’ desert cities. Layered across an area spanning nearly twice the size of the Tate Modern or the location for last year’s Secret Cinema production of Back to the Future – pretty impressive

Camilla Greenwell1

Down to every little detail, this production really brings the movies to life. I mean I even had a bounty on my head (55 GCS)? Even when you’re sitting down enjoying some food (and there’s plenty of that) or a cool drink, there are things happening around you with Stormtroopers watching your every move and even Luke Skywalker hurrying past. Once you start the screening, the performances continue, brining the things that are happening on screen to life right next to you – just incredible.

Camilla Greenwell2

Since its launch (only one week ago), the London-based experience has catapulted Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back into the Top 10 of the UK box office, 35 years after its first release in 1980.

With over 400 actors, DJs and bands performing across 4 music stages over the course of the show run, you can experience the production until 27th September, 2015

If you are planning on heading down, I would try to get tickets quickly as they have sold out in the past. Oh and if you can, get there at 5:30 so you can spend as much time at the South East London location as possible before the screening of the movie begins, because there really is so much to see.

Camilla Greenwell4

Tickets are available here:  Arrival times are from 5.30pm to 6.30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Come dressed up if you can, because it makes it more fun (though you can buy some props there). If you don’t have a costume, you can order one from MorphCostumes, who have just launched a Star Wars series. It’s also worth noting that there are some pretty good acts on after the screening, so I’d recommend a weekend screening so you can stay on for a galactic dance off.

May the Force be with you…

Star Wars Fun Facts and TriviaInfographic credit: MorphCostumes


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