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Book Review: Watch Me by James Carol


As I mentioned in my review of James Carol’s first Jefferson novel Broken Dolls, James Carol is one of my authors to watch. I discovered him a few months ago and have very much enjoyed his writing.

Watch Me is the second novel in Jefferson Winter series, taking place in the sunny Louisiana, Eagle Creek. Ex-FBI profiler Jefferson Winter has once again taken on a new case that has the signature of a serial killer, but the question is whether that’s really who the murderer is or whether he/she has been cornered into this. Streaming a video of a person being torched, the killer certainly has a flair for theatre and a very gruesome imagination.

The second novel is completely different to the first one, including set-up, location and motive. However, Jefferson is starting to feel much more familiar as a character and the way he likes to do things his own way. Being set in Louisiana, he’s the only character we know, so everyone else is new to the mix, which does make it very interesting. As a reader you spend a fair amount of time figuring the different characters out and of course trying to work out who the killer is. But as every good novel would have it, you’re left guessing pretty much until the end.

I have to say his second novel reminds me very much of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. The way it’s set up and the way Jefferson goes about things – which is not a bad thing – is similar to the somewhat rough Jack Reacher approach.

Watch Me is definitely a page-turner and although it took me a little longer to get into this, once I’d properly started paying attention, I was once again hooked. There are a few things that were getting a bit repetitive, such as the way he kept talking about his achievements and talking about himself, but then Carol would have to include this for anyone starting with this novel as opposed to the first in the series.

Admittedly though, if I had to pick, the first one would be my favourite as I didn’t enjoy the make-up of this version quite as much as the first, which is a personal preference. If you need a new crime novel, I’d suggest you start with the first if you haven’t already, but do give this one a go, as it does keep you on your toes.



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