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Review: Aladdin the Musical

When I was in New York last month I had to go and watch an obligatory broadway musical. Living in London I’ve seen all the big classics, including The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera (multiple times), Wicked and even Cats when it made its return this year. With that in mind I wanted to see something that I a) hadn’t seen before, b) couldn’t see in London and c) would make the list of a classic musical. That’s when I came across Aladdin. Being as last minute as I am, the musical was completely sold out and I mean not. a. single. seat.

Of course that’s a bit frustrating when you had it in your head you could get a discounted ticket an hour before the show and your options of meeting the above criteria are pretty limited. Willing to pay the price, I made my way down to the official box office, despite being told that was pointless. Determined to see it I chatted to the guys at the counter and as luck would have it, secured two tickets for myself and my cousin right by the stage. Admittedly, the tickets were expensive ($160 each), but it was so worth it.


From the producer of The Lion King, the beloved story of Disney’s Aladdin features all the movie’s classic songs from the film as well as new music written by Tony and Academy Award® winner Alan Menken. The set was stunning – colourful, imaginative and impressive (flying carpet, anyone?). The actors were incredible, with the genie, played by James Monroe Iglehart, being my favourite thanks to being both hilarious and brilliant – that man has a voice!

Throughout the musical I laughed so hard, while being absolutely mesmerised. I hadn’t seen Aladdin in quite a while, but as soon as it started it all came back to me, including those rather catchy songs. What made the musical even better was the fact that the cast added a little bit of ‘New York’ to it, with that attitude and personality shining through, making it the perfect musical to watch while in New York.

Aladdin the musical

I have to say I’m baffled as to why it hasn’t made its way across the pond just yet (having been in New York since 2014), but if you’re making your way over, I highly recommend booking this show – and try to do it in advance as it’s a bit costly otherwise.

And if you need anymore convincing, have a look at this little sing-off between the cast of the Lion Kind and Aladdin earlier this month:


2 comments on “Review: Aladdin the Musical

  1. Chow Kim Wan
    June 16, 2015

    Hi! Mega Aladdin and Broadway fan here! Yeah, I find someone who has seen all those shows before! Anyway, factual corrections: Aladdin only opened for a year or so (it opened March 20, 2014). The 2011 was a Seattle tryout, and back then they did not even think of bringing the show to Broadway. And… you might see the show in London next year. Rumors have it that it will swim across the seas and infiltrate the Dominion Theatre after Elf closes early next year. Disney first wanted Prince Edward, but it seems that Miss Saigon is a permanent resident there. It then tried to get the Palladium, but decided that the Dominion is more suitable instead. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will get to the Dominion next spring.

    Did you know that the actor playing Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) is the same guy who voiced Jafar in the original 1992 film? Anyway it’s great that you enjoyed the show! Yes, James Monroe Iglehart is great. His performance won him the Tony Award last year. The show sells out every day, and I am not joking about that. Literally every day, like The Book of Mormon.

    • Kerry Anderson
      June 16, 2015

      Thanks so much I’ve now corrected it. I did read that it’d only been around for a year, but then I saw it had opened in 2011 somewhere, but that makes a lot of sense. Some exciting rumours, I’d love for it to come to London. I still haven’t figured out how they got the magic carpet to work, so I will have to go and see it again…

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