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YouTube Quiz: What are they watching?

The guys over at BT have come up with a new and interesting way to test your TV knowledge or what people’s reactions should be when they watch certain TV shows to show what rollercoaster of emotions we go through that makes it unmissable.

Family watching television together

BT asked five TV fans to watch scenes from a selection of entertainment shows available on BT TV. Their uninhibited and sometimes emotional, reactions to each scene were then recorded.

Now everybody can show off their TV interpretation skills and try to correctly identify what TV episode each person was watching. For example, could it be the latest gory scene from American Horror Story, or a tense twist in Breaking Bad?

All players need to do is watch the reaction video, and click on the option at the bottom of the screen that they think is correct. At the end of the five videos they will be given their final score.

Now considering the amount of TV I watch, I thought that would be a surefire win for me. Unfortunately one answer got me and I got a dreaded red screen with five letters on it instead of a green one with six. Obviously I’m not going to tell you which one, as that’s something you should test yourself. Go one, have a go:

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