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Tim Peake’s mission to space is the story that film fans want to see on the big screen

I love a good docu-drama, so I have to say I wasn’t surprised when Odeon announced that major Tim Peake’s mission on the International Space Station is the real-life story of the last year that UK film fans would most like to see made into a film.

The British astronaut’s 186-day mission narrowly beat Leicester City’s Premier League triumph and the EU referendum.

Other real-life UK based events that film fans would like to see on the silver screen included the Flying Scotsman train returning to the tracks (18 per cent), Ben Smith’s 401 marathons in 401 days (17 per cent) and the lives of late entertainment stars including David Bowie and George Michael in 2016 (15 per cent).

Sport was high on the agenda with Team GB’s Olympic success coming sixth in the poll (16 per cent) and the Brownlee Brothers’ triathlon exploits, which included Alistair picking up and dragging his brother Jonny over the line in the World Triathlon Series, coming ninth (14 per cent).

ODEON’s research comes as it was revealed that over the last 20 years’ the proportion of films based on real-life events has risen from 8 per cent in 1996 to 27 per cent last year.

Also making the top 10 for UK film fans was the Queen turning 90 and becoming the oldest ever UK monarch (16 per cent) and the sentencing of the Hatton Garden burglars (12 per cent).

Real-life films have not only caught the attention of film fans but also critics, with the likes of Argo (2012), 12 Years A Slave (2013) and Spotlight (2015) all becoming Oscar winning films in recent years.


1. Tim Peake’s International Space Station mission: 24%

2. Leicester City winning the Premier League: 21%

3. The EU referendum: 18%

4. The Flying Scotsman returning to its tracks: 18%

5. Ben Smith running 401 marathons in 401 days: 17%

6. Team GB’s Olympic success: 16%

7. Queen turns 90 and becomes oldest ever UK monarch: 16%

8. The lives of late entertainment stars in 2016: 15%

9. The Brownlee Brothers’ triathlon exploits: 14%

10. The sentencing of the Hatton Garden burglars: 12%



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