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FTWD mid-season finale: BT Tower infected by zombies

If you’ve ever been to London or even seen footage of its skyline on TV, you would’ve seen the BT Tower standing tall and proud keeping watch over London. Unfortunately for one of London’s most iconic landmarks, this might have lead to its demise today when the Tower was infected by the walking dead.


Jonathan Hordle/PA Wire

A helicopter flying past the BT Tower was able to capture footage of the infected on the roof of the BT Tower. This included three riggers who had become infected whilst working on the mast at the very top of the 190 metre building.

A brave camera crew were also up close with the walking dead inside the building and captured some interesting moments on camera. The infected had taken over the 34th floor viewing platform and could be seen roaming around the floor and struggling at the windows to escape.


David Parry/PA Wire

And amongst them was Indelible Pieces… Now when you get invited to the BT Tower, you turn up. Simple as that. This time around the whole affair had an edge to it as the building was left empty with an infection spreading through the building, turning staff and visitors into zombies.

Luckily, we got to consciously be part of it. When I got invited to get a ‘zombie make-over’, there was no way I was going to say no. How often do you get to make an absolute fool of yourself and have the excuse that you didn’t know what you were doing? Oh and I couldn’t even begin to describe the effect that zombie contact lenses have on people…

The whole day was an absolute blast. When we first arrived, we made our way through to the the auditorium, but on the way we could already see topples over tables and chairs and eerily not a single person to say hi. And not even the TV screens were working showing that famous snow screen.

BTZombiesOvers_225Once we’d made it past the initial weirdness of it all, we spent an hour or so learning how to become zombies, including THAT walking style by a professional ‘zombie walk’ coach. I know, right? Scoping the Tower we started filming until we actually got infected. Really that meant spending an hour or so in hair & make-up of which I spent half an hour surrounded by three make-up artists trying to hold my eyes open to get those pesky little contact lenses in. I mean they’re amazing, but they just. wouldn’t. stay. put!

Oh and those open wounds… sticky little things. Topped off with a little cranberry juice or whatever is in that fake blood mixture. The dream. Not so much for my hair though.

So anyway, once that was all over and done with, we all got to act out all our zombie fantasies. All day long. Now although you know it’s all fake and really all those other zombies are very nice people, as much as I’d like to claim they were, the majority of those reactions were REAL reactions. Scary stuff indeed.

BTZombiesOvers_244Now if you’ve been wondering what that was all for, then no, it wasn’t just because I really wanted to be a zombie. In fact, the news of the infection at the BT Tower comes as the season three mid-season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead”, airs tonight, Monday 10th July on AMC, on BT TV. A double-episode finale will at 2:00am simultaneous to the US premiere, with a repeat at 9:00pm. The second half of the season will return in the autumn.

You’ve you’d also like to be in on the fun, AMC has also teamed up with Snapchat to create an exclusive “Fear the Walking Dead” zombie themed sponsored lens.  The lens will allow fans of the series to paint their faces with blood, the technique used by characters in the drama to mask their presence and protect themselves from the undead.  As zombies approach within the lens, users can trigger the hand-painted blood marks by opening their mouths.  If no trigger is activated, the zombies overtake your selfie.

The lens will go live on 9th July from 12am until 11:59pm and will be available free via Snapchat for 24 hours. The Lens is supported by BT.


Jonathan Hordle/PA Wire

Kasey Kaufman, Director of Marketing, AMC Global, commented: “We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Snapchat to support season three of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ on AMC.  Our Snapchat lens allows fans to experience one of the most thrilling aspects of the drama.  We’re also delighted to have the support of our local affiliate BT.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” is exclusive to BT customers in the UK on the AMC channel – on BT TV channel 332, and to BT Sport Pack subscribers on Sky channel 192.  AMC is also available in HD on both BT TV and Sky with an HD subscription[1]. The first episode will be simulcast free on the BT Showcase channel (channel 59 on Freeview).


Now if only I could’ve kept those contact lenses. I’m pretty sure they could get me out of a situation or two…



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